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Twin Trio Takes: 13 Reasons We Love To Write Love on Her Arms

One of favorite non-profit organizations, To Write Love on Her Arms, is celebrating its 13th birthday today! TWLOHA is a mental health organization that raises money and awareness for mental health, treatment, and recovery. It’s actually one of the things that brought us together after meeting at the University of Illinois, so the organization means a lot to us. To celebrate its 13th birthday, we’re sharing 13 reasons why we love TWLOHA (in no particular order).

We love TWLOHA, because …

  1. TWLOHA helps educate people on mental illness.
  2. TWLOHA can be the bridge for people to reach help.
  3. TWLOHA cares about people in every walk of life.
  4. TWLOHA makes it easy to show your support for mental health awareness and breaking the stigma by offering lots of cool merch that anyone can wear.
  5. TWLOHA has a lot of opportunities for people to get involved, such as events, fundraisers, and interning opportunities.
  6. TWLOHA has a UChapter program that gives college students a way to learn about mental health and to educate the college communities. It’s also how we all got closer!
  7. TWLOHA works with a lot of different authors to promote and raise money for mental health awareness (Jamie, Tyler Knott Gregson, Atticus, Matt Haig, etc.).
  8. TWLOHA gives people a platform to share their stories and remind others they are not alone through blog posts concerning a variety of topics.
  9. TWLOHA is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone. Its message is undeniably inclusive and inspiring!
  10. TWLOHA has a way of bringing people together. When someone recognizes your TWLOHA gear, you immediately feel connected to them. We have each built deep friendships by connecting with other supporters of the organization.
  11.  TWLOHA makes people feel less alone, like on Valentine’s Day with the “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck” Twitter chat.


  12. TWLOHA has a very consistent presence on social media. They offer continuous support and encouragement to followers so that you feel like you could always reach out if you need to.
  13. TWLOHA posts daily motivational messages every night. They are calming words to read as the day concludes, allowing you to go into the next day with a better mindset.

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