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Twin Trio Takes: November Reading Review


Book Title and Author: Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You by Lin-Manuel Miranda with illustrations by Jonny Sun

General Thoughts: If you’re familiar with this little Broadway musical called Hamilton, then surely you’re familiar with Lin-Manuel Miranda and his creative genius. But if you don’t follow him on Twitter, then you may not know daily evidence of his genius is documented there, too. He does daily “good morning” and “good night” tweets that often serve as an inspirational message to his followers. Gmorning, Gnight is a book that compiles some of his best “good morning” and “good night” tweets with illustrations by Jonny Sun to accompany them. Some are more fun, and others are more insightful, and the illustrations add a nice visual element that helps the reader better relate to and envision the writing’s message.
The book’s content truly lives up to its title, as I felt like Lin was giving me pep talks as I read the short blurbs. I often found myself grabbing my phone to snap a picture of certain parts, because they resonated so much with me.
Seeing as the content is originally tweets, it’s easy to get through the book quickly. But Lin manages to fit in so much meaning and emotion into such few words, and, as a writer, it’s so admirable. The night tweets are composed to be parallel to the morning tweets for that same day, so if you’re a fan of parallelism, you’ll appreciate the construction of them all.

Rating: 2.5/3


Book Title and Author: Life is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance by Valorie Kondos Field

General Thoughts: Earlier this year when I found out Miss Val was releasing a book, I was pretty excited for it because she’s one of the most beloved and successful coaches in NCAA gymnastics. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing her, so I know firsthand how positive and endearing she is to those she knows and meets.
Her book is a combination of a memoir and self-help book that details how she―someone who has no gymnastics experience―became a seven-time NCAA championship-winning coach in addition to her family and background in dance, her battle with cancer, and everything she’s learned along the way. It includes some stories and information any NCAA gymnastics fan would love to hear, and the entire book has an overall positive vibe to it that makes the reader want to live a better life. While it definitely appeals most to gymnastics fans, there’s something in it for everybody.

Rating: 2.5/3


Book Title and Author:  The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

General Thoughts: I didn’t feeling like seeking out a new book this month, and so I found myself re-reading this series for the second time. I love dystopian fiction, and this story is compelling to the very end. The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is a well known, bad-ass heroine in the literary world, and I related to her character more this time than when I originally read the books. Despite living in an extremely oppressive society and having to endure the Hunger Games, her country’s way of keeping the people at bay, she never strays from her values and has a clear sense of self through it all.
Aside from that, the world that Collins creates is fascinating because it resembles our own in a lot of ways―the people who have vs. the people who have not, and the interesting way that can manifest in society. I loved re-reading about the Capitol (their version of the elite), and how they dress in crazy attire, like having gemstones embedded in their face or pink skin, because it isn’t so hard to imagine. The series is thrilling through and through, and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to be entertained but also enjoys thinking critically about our own world.

Rating: 2.5/3

Image via Flickr user muchemwa


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