Twin Trio Takes

Twin Trio Takes: Favorite Disney Princesses

This post was written in honor of National Princess Day.

One of the things Disney is best known for is its princesses. When people think of princesses, they think of Disney princesses. That’s how iconic they are―and for good reason. Each one demonstrates various values and teaches important lessons in kindness, bravery, and how to dream. While we like all Disney princesses, we have our favorites and want to share what we appreciate about them.


“Can anyone be happy if they aren’t free?”

Featured song: “Belle” – Paige O’Hara, Jesse Corti, Richard White, Chorus

We like her, because she:

  • loves books and reading! (We do, too!)
  • sees the best in everybody.
  • speaks her mind and doesn’t back down from what she believes in. The townspeople didn’t believe her about the Beast, among other things, but she didn’t let them get to her.
  • is compassionate and intelligent. Did she have to tend to the Beast’s wounds after he saved her from the wolves? No. But that’s just who she is.
  • embraces who she is regardless of outside opinions. The townspeople all think she’s weird because she reads and doesn’t adore Gaston like everyone else, but she doesn’t care and keeps being herself.


“Find your humanity! Haven’t any of you ever had a dream?”

Featured song: “When Will My Life Begin?” – Mandy Moore

We like her, because she:

  • likes puzzles and baking (like us).
  • doesn’t mind having fun by staying home. (We’re introverts and homebodies.)
  • is very creative and likes to paint and read. (We, too, like crafts and books.)
  • is imaginative. She’s been trapped in that tower for over a decade but never seemed to run out of things to do or paint.
  • knows quality over quantity is important when it comes to friends. Pascal was her only friend, and she didn’t care. We’ve had our troubles making friends and have been insecure about our lack of friends before, but Rapunzel has shown us that you don’t need a lot of friends. The quality is what matters.
  • is optimistic and innovative. Her naivete gave her a sense of optimism, especially when it came to finally leaving her tower. And she knows how to use a frying pan for multiple activities!


“What’s wrong with a woman running the kingdom?”

Featured song: “These Palace Walls” – Courtney Reed, Tia Altinay, Khori Michelle Petinaud, and Marisha Wallace

We like her, because she:

  • is all for girl power! Jasmine questions why she even had to be married at all. (Also, see featured quote.)
  • is strong willed. She doesn’t let others get her down or change her mind.
  • knows when rules should be broken and when to stand up for what’s right. The sultan kept telling her she had to marry a prince, but Jasmine understood that it was time for change.
  • wants her life to be her life. She wanted to marry for love, not to marry some random prince who doesn’t even know her. And she especially didn’t want her father picking her husband for her.
  • is brave and goes after what she wants. She wanted to leave the palace, and she did despite the unknown.
  • cares about her kingdom. It’s one of the reasons she wants to leave the palace, especially in the musical. Jasmine wondered how she could rule a kingdom if she had never even really been in it or knew anything about it.
  • sees people for who they are, not what they have. Aladdin may have been called a street rat in the marketplace, but Jasmine immediately valued his kindness and good heart.


“Have courage and be kind.”

Featured song: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” – Lily James

We like her, because she:

  • is kind to literally everyone (and everything―like mice) even if they aren’t nice to her.
  • doesn’t care about money, material things, or status. She never complains about how her stepmother and stepsisters have nice new things and she’s stuck with her old clothes.
  • is humble, gracious, and forgiving. Cinderella is thankful for all she has and shows a sense of grace in everything she does. At the end of the live action movie, she even forgives her stepmother for treating her so poorly.


“I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.”

Featured song: “Part of Your World” – Jodi Benson

We like her, because she:

  • is brave, adventurous, and optimistic. She’s not scared of wandering out into the ocean and enjoys seeking out new places. Ariel also looks on the bright side of things.
  • is the only non-human princess. Royalty isn’t confined to humans!
  • isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Even though her father didn’t want her to leave their safe area of the ocean and Flounder was scared for her, Ariel sought out what was beyond the ocean and what the land had to offer. Ursula may have frightened her a bit at first, but her desire to follow her dream was enough to keep her going and make it to the land.
  • is imaginative. She’s always finding these human belongings that she sees as treasures and always wonders what they’re for. Despite not knowing their purpose, she manages to create her own purpose for her discoveries. Dinglehopper, anyone?


“You said you trust Ping. Why is Mulan any different?”

Featured song: “Reflection” – Lea Salonga

We like her, because she:

  • is tough, determined, and wants to protect her family. No, women weren’t allowed to fight in wars. No, her family didn’t want her to try to take her father’s place in the army. But she did it anyway because she could handle it and cared too much about her father and family to stand aside.
  • proves girls can fight, keep up with boys, and even be better than them. Of course army training was difficult for Mulan as her family was preparing her to be a wife and mother. Never had she gone through such rigorous physical training. After a while, she got the hang of it and ended up being faster than Shang!
  • showed that being yourself is important and that you don’t have to be a traditionally feminine girl to be with the person you like. No, she couldn’t pour the tea or recite the final admonition like imperial Chinese thought a proper girl/woman should, but she ended up with Shang anyway. And all she had to do was be herself.
  • is very relatable:
    • Mulan had a hard time focusing on studying before seeing the matchmaker. (We understand the lack of desire to study. Don’t cheat and write on your arm, though. That’s definitely bad.)
    • She rushed to do her chores in the morning, because she was asleep. (We love sleep. Who doesn’t?)
    • She doesn’t want to disappoint her parents but also wants to do what she wants. Seeking the approval of those around you is natural, but your plans and dreams don’t always line up with those of your parents, and that’s okay.
    • She was insecure about herself and her worth at the beginning of the movie. That’s what “Reflection” was all about. We’re all familiar with insecurity. That’s part of life. But Mulan demonstrated how to overcome that.

Image credit: Disney


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