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Styling Sessions: Homecoming Finds

Welcome to Styling Sessions! In this blog post series, Amanda chooses an outfit/clothes for each member of The Twin Trio for a certain event or occasion. With school back in session and fall arriving, it’s officially homecoming season, so Amanda has chosen three fall formal dresses each for Ashley, Carly, and herself.


When it comes to looking for dresses for Ashley, I always mainly look out for black and green dresses (unless she needs/wants to wear a specific color). Black is a classic color that works for most occasions, and there are lots of shades of green that go with each season. Since homecoming is a fall event, I set out to find deep and darker shades of green. As always, tight fits and bodycons were a no, and cool details like mesh were a yes.

Pick 1: Alyce Paris Style #3792


When I first saw this dress, I knew it was immediately going to be a top contender. I actually saw this on a few different sites, and Ashley actually saw me come across it on the last site I went to. She commented on how cool it looked, so I knew I had chosen well and that this had to be the number one pick. The lace overlay is beautiful and adds some great texture and depth to this monochrome dress. I like how it has little sleeves and a faux straight neckline created by the lace overlay. It’s an edgy yet pretty dress that is almost everything Ashley looks for in a formal dress. Now if it only had pockets …

Pick 2: Alyce Paris Style #4002

This is probably one of the most plain dresses I’ve ever chosen for a styling sessions post, but then again, it’s not super plain. Yes, it’s just one color with a little belt at the waist, but the velvet material just elevates the whole dress so it’s at another level. The teal velvet is so fun and perfect for fall. Velvet just makes everything seem more luxurious and fancy, and its soft texture and the interesting shades and shadows it creates gives the dress depth that could be unexpected since it’s just one color. The little rhinestone belt adds just a bit of shine that isn’t overwhelming or too much for Ashley to handle.

Pick 3: Sherri Hill Style 52293

I had a hard time choosing Ashley’s third dress but ultimately decided on this green one from Sherri Hill. Yes, it is just a solid color, but the satin material provides so much dimension that it doesn’t feel boring. The construction of the seams and the belt create an interesting design at the front, and the little waistband helps form a nice fit-and-flare silhouette. The mesh cutout in the middle of the bodice is so subtle yet adds a fair amount of edge to the dress.

Ashley’s Thoughts:

The first one, the black Alyce Paris dress, is easily my favorite of the three. The combination of the lace overlay, faux neckline, and black color are right up my alley in terms of formal wear. I now wish I had that dress just in case.

I like the other two but am a tad skeptical about whether I’d actually wear them. I like them enough that I’d be intrigued enough to try them on but would need to see how they looked on me before deciding how much I like them. The teal velvet is cool, and I like the shade of green for the Sherri Hill one. But I don’t care for spaghetti straps and am always hesitant about nude mesh for myself.


Normally, I’d look for light pinks and other pastel and subtler colors for Carly, but with homecoming being in fall, I wasn’t loving the idea of pale pink. Don’t get me wrong ― I love pink ― but when I think of fall, only certain shades of pink come to mind. And the ones I look for to style Carly aren’t it. So I sought out colors like gold, champagne, ivory, burgundy, and maroon ― hues that I knew Carly would still like but felt more autumnal than the pale pinks I typically seek.

Pick 1: V-Neck Short Homecoming Dress with Print Skirt

I saw a few dresses very similar to this one while browsing sites, and whenever I saw one like this, with a burgundy bodice and burgundy/pink floral print skirt, I always thought of Carly. The burgundy color is great for fall, and the floral print is so pretty. This dress is pretty simple and rather casual looking compared to most dresses I came across, but this could easily be dressed up or down. And I know Carly doesn’t mind that it isn’t super fancy or sparkly. She could totally wear this to various occasions. I actually love this dress for myself but didn’t find it formal enough for my personal taste.

Pick 2: Short A-Line Ivory V-Neck Homecoming Dress

I don’t know why, but I liked the idea of a champagne and/or slightly golden dress for Carly for homecoming. It’s not a color that screams fall, but I like its elegance and subtlety for Carly. The satin bodice flows effortlessly into the beaded skirt with its golden details. It’s got the right bit of sparkle and sheen I think Carly would enjoy.


I was a little iffy about choosing this as my last pick for Carly because the black and red is rather bold, but sometimes you need/want something a little different. Design- and construction-wise, it’s similar to the second pick but has has different details that make it seem quite different but still rather formal. The black really makes the red florals pop, which I think is great for fall. I didn’t realize the sheer black on the side/back of the bodice before, so I’m not entirely sure how Carly would feel about that, but I know she’ll love the pockets!

Carly’s Thoughts:

I LOVE the first burgundy/floral piece, and found it to be my favorite of the three. It’s a perfect fall dress for a variety of occasions, and I could totally see myself wearing it multiple times. I love the simplicity of the thin spaghetti strap top, and the floral skirt perfectly compliments it. The second dress is beautiful and elegant, but probably not something I would wear very often. I like champagne and gold for fall attire, but this dress is perhaps just a bit too light for my taste. I do love the detailing on the skirt though, and would love to incorporate that into my special occasions wardrobe.

As for the third dress, I love the design and think it is perfect for a fall or winter event. It is a bit dark for my personal taste, and red isn’t typically a color I choose, but I do think I would like how it looks on me. There is something really striking about it that pulls me in, even though it isn’t something I would pull of the rack the first time around. Maybe it’s the pockets!  Haha. As usual, Amanda did a stunning job choosing pieces that fit my style and taste, and I am so thankful that I’ll have her opinion when it comes time to decide on wedding and bridesmaids dresses!


Surprisingly I didn’t find a lot of options for myself compared to how many I found for Ashley and Carly. It’s probably because I always choose pink dresses, and I’ve been rather picky with the shades of pink I’d like to wear for a fall event like homecoming. However, I found several options and even struggled to narrow down my pick for the third dress.

Pick 1: Short Floral-Print Sweetheart Homecoming Dress

I pretty much fell in love with this dress the second I saw in and now want to buy it for my cousin’s wedding next fall. I adore everything about this, from the fit and style to the colors and floral print. Florals are very much a spring thing for obvious reasons, but there are ways to make floral work all year long, and these colors do the trick for this dress. The combination of purples, pinks, and dark reds is stunning and makes the print so beautiful. I just wish it had pockets!

Pick 2: Alyce Paris Style #3761

I’m not sure what it is about this dress, but it gives me royal and ethereal vibes. I adore how it looks like the dress is just floating on the model because of the sheer fabric overlay at the neck. The embroidered pattern everywhere is just so intricate and gorgeous. It makes me think of fancy picture frames in museums and what would be on railings and other little details in old mansions and extravagant castles. The flatness and dusty look to the pink color gives it more of a fall feel than other shades of my favorite color.

Pick 3: Mauve Short-Sleeve Embroidered Homecoming Dress

I thought this dress was so cool when I first saw it because I feel like I’ve never seen a dress like this before. Obviously, I’m a fan of the color ― this is the kind of pink I look to wear when it’s fall. I like that it has little short sleeves because it’s different from what you normally see. The side cutouts give it some edge and flair since it’s otherwise a pretty classically elegant dress. The sequined pattern gives me the same vibes as the one from the dress above, but the sequins make it stand out more and give it some shine and depth.

Header images via Prom Girl and Alyce Paris.


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