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Twin Trio Takes: Why Tomorrow Needs Us

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and last week was National Suicide Prevention Week. Every year, one of our favorite mental health non-profit organizations, To Write Love on Her Arms, creates a campaign for National Suicide Prevention Week/World Suicide Prevention Day. This year’s was “Tomorrow Needs You.” In conjunction with its campaign, TWLOHA creates a prompt for people to fill out to encourage people to stay and let everyone know there is always a reason to stay. So here’s why tomorrow needs us, whether tomorrow is in National Suicide Prevention Month or a random day in March because suicide prevention and mental health should be talked about every day.


Tomorrow needs me because…

  • I have stories I have yet to write.
  • The Chicago Bulls need my support.
  • I’ve only just started learning about Broadway.
  • My siblings and parents need me.
  • My friends need my love and support.
  • I have shelves of books waiting to be read.
  • Desserts aren’t going to bake themselves.
  • Growth happens with time.
  • My future can’t exist without me.


Tomorrow needs me because…

  • I am an important part of my siblings’ and parents’ lives.
  • My friends need me to be there for them, to love them, to listen to them.
  • I have books to finish reading and many, many more left unread.
  • I didn’t wear my Lara Jean outfit yet.
  • Somewhere, a job is waiting for me.
  • I have Hamilton tickets!
  • My nephew and best friend haven’t received the presents I bought them.
  • I just got almond flour and didn’t attempt to make my first macarons yet.
  • I am needed for something, even if I don’t quite know what that is yet. We all are.


Tomorrow needs me because…

  • I need to make my mom smile when she’s feeling sad.
  • There are so many beautiful runs I have yet to go on.
  • My fiance needs to be cuddled.
  • There is always another mountain to climb.
  • My succulent garden needs water.
  • There are so many recipes I look forward to making.
  • My sisters need my guidance.
  • I have friends that need my love and support.
  • There are hundreds of books I want to read.

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