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Twin Trio Takes: Disney Pixar Q&A

This post was written in honor of the release of Incredibles 2.

What is your favorite Pixar movie?

Ashley: This is a really difficult question, because I like a lot of Pixar movies about the same. But if I had to choose, right now, I’d go with Coco—even though I predicted a lot of the plot twists—and a lot of that has to do with the fact I just recently watched it for the first time. It was awesome to see Mexican culture celebrated, and I loved the role music played. The characters were great and developed well, and the music was tremendous. Coco had a good balance of realism to contrast Miguel’s fantasies and a nice ratio of sadness to joy, and I loved the overall messages of the film.

Before seeing Coco, though, I likely would have said Up. I enjoy the story, sentimental aspect, and character development in it.

Amanda: Any question involving “favorite” and anything Disney related is difficult. I like most Pixar movies, but I don’t really like one much more than the rest enough to deem it as my favorite. So I’ll go with Toy Story 3. The third installment in the Toy Story franchise came out just a few years before I went away to college, so I was pretty invested in the entire premise of the movie. I’m a kid at heart and still own a lot of stuffed animals, so I could definitely connected with the storyline of Andy having to part with his childhood toys. And while it was definitely sad and bittersweet, there was a nice balance with humorous scenes and moments.

Growing up isn’t going to be easy, and it’s going to have to happen whether you like it or not, but this movie shows that it’s okay to keep some of your childhood spirit alive. It’s important to cherish what we love while we can still enjoy whatever it may be and to never forget what brought you joy.

Carly: I echo Ashley in that this question is really tough. I of course have my nostalgic, childhood favorite answer, Finding Nemo,and then my teenage go-to, Up. But I’d have to say that the most powerful, engaging film for me was Inside Out. The message about the importance of mental health is unparalleled by any Pixar film.

Though most of Pixar’s movies have solid values, Inside Out seems like the most present, complete version with the most relatable storyline. Everyone struggles growing up, and nobody knows what is going on someone else’s head. This movie is a great eye-opener to a whole inner world that often goes untouched.

Which Pixar movie is most underrated?

Ashley: A Bug’s Life has great themes, a good array of characters, and some memorable moments. Being the second Pixar film, it had a lot to live up to in following Toy Story. It’s not as good, but it deserves more love.

Amanda: I don’t know which is most underrated, but WALL-E’s definitely an underrated Pixar movie. Especially at a time where many people are trying to become more eco-friendly and conscious of how what they do affects the planet we live on, WALL-E demonstrates the importance of not only taking care of our home but ourselves.

I know we all get tired and lazy from time to time, but not even being able to walk because the entire society has been so reliant on technology is sad. Take a break from technology every now and then and enjoy what Earth has to offer because you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. (Also, shoutout to Hello Dolly!)

Carly: Ratatouille. It’s a fun, light-hearted movie that I always enjoy watching no matter what mood I’m in.

What Pixar movie should get a sequel that hasn’t already?

Ashley: A Brave sequel would be interesting. Merida already made a mature decision in deciding to not choose a suitor, so I’d like to see how she handles other mature choices. Maybe she gets some responsibility in governing the kingdom to prepare her, or maybe she wants to put her archery skills to use in battle and opts to join the military, wanting to be an example that women can fight for their countries, too. I get that’s very similar to Mulan, but there are ways to differentiate from it more.

Brave had a feminist tone to it, and women are speaking up and have a voice now more than ever. So it could be fitting to expand upon Merida’s journey.

Inside Out could be cool, too, but I feel it’d be more difficult despite any changes Riley will inevitably have as she grows older.

Amanda: I’m pretty content with all of the current sequels and don’t really think others are necessary (not even Toy Story 4). But I guess it could be cool to see a Brave sequel and see how Merida and her kingdom are doing with her feminist decision to not have a suitor and how that’s affecting the entire country. A sequel to Inside Out could be interesting as well as Riley enters high school and begins to mature to see how that affects her identities and her emotions. Maybe a new emotion would appear?

Carly: If you would have asked me two years ago, I would have said Finding Nemo, but now with that one out of the way, I have to go with Inside Out. I agree that it would be interesting to see Riley’s mental and emotional state as she grows older.

Image via Disney Wiki.

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