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Twin Trio Takes: May Reading Review


Book Title and Author: Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media. by Aliza Licht

General Thoughts: I wish I would have known about this book sooner, so I could have read it before I ever started looking for internships and jobs, going on interviews, and considered what my social media says about my brand and reputation. This book is an advice book of sorts, as Licht uses her own experiences to offer lessons and advice about job interviews, how to handle jobs/internships, and social media etiquette. Licht’s experience regards her time in the fashion industry, but you don’t have to enjoy fashion or even know anything about fashion to take away something from this book.

The original book was published in May 2015, but an updated version was released earlier this year. I didn’t read the newest one, but the original one still had plenty to learn from. The advice can pertain to anyone, young or old and in any industry, but I’d especially recommend this to upperclassmen in high school and first-year college students to prepare them for the futures that are ahead of them.

Rating: 2.5/3

Book Title and Author: Love Her Wild by Atticus

General Thoughts: Love Her Wild is a book full of poems by Atticus. The type of poetry he writes is what you would find on Tumblr and Instagram and is really geared toward young adults. Such poetry is the kind I enjoy and draw inspiration from, so I really enjoyed it. The book is split into three different sections/themes: “Love,” “Her,” and “Wild.” The poems are short and simple—and sometimes accompanied by a photo—but still meaningful and filled with deep emotions.

Rating: 2.5/3


Book Title and Author: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

General Thoughts: This has been on my to-read shelf for quite a while now, so when I saw it in Books-a-Million’s bargain section, I knew it was finally time to get around to reading it. In terms of what I usually read, The Unexpected Everything is right up my alley as it’s realistic young adult fiction with a love story. The protagonist, Andie, is a famous politician’s daughter, so she has to be wary of everything she does because it could affect and ruin her father’s career. Her life has never been normal like her friends’. Then her dad finds himself in the middle of a political scandal which causes her to lose her spot in the prestigious Johns Hopkins summer program, ruining all of her summer plans.

The book details her unexpected summer, where she finally gets to spend summer with her best friends, spend quality time with her dad (whom she has a rough relationship with), have an odd summer job of walking dogs, and have her first relationship that lasts more than three weeks.

The story was a bit predictable, but not terribly so where the book’s ruined. There were a few too many characters and sometimes got lost in who was who, but overall, I enjoyed the general story of how something you didn’t plan can turn out to be better than you imagined. Matson did a good job of incorporating serious teen issues like struggling relationships with parents and coping with the loss of a parent while giving readers a fun story.

Rating: 2.5/3


Book Title and Author: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

General Thoughts: This was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. It follows the intertwining storyline of two families in a small, picture-perfect Ohio suburb. It is slow-paced in a brilliant way, painting detailed portraits of each character and their backgrounds. Ng highlights the intricacies of family dynamics, and the plot is ever shifting to capture the nuances of each character’s story. I love how Ng dives into the intricacies of human relationships and the influence people have on one another. The book explores concepts of race, class, and privilege, and it will have you laughing, crying, and nodding along the entire time. Light enough to enjoy at the beach but hearty enough to keep you awake into all hours of the morning, this one is a must-read! I can’t wait to pick up more of Ng’s books to read this summer.

Rating: 3/3

Image via Flickr user muchemwa.

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