Twin Trio Takes

Twin Trio Takes: Thirteen Reasons Why Not

This post was written in honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States.

The following post briefly refers to the show Thirteen Reasons Why, and briefly mentions suicide. If you are struggling with your mental health, please check out the resources at the end of this post.

The second season of 13 Reasons Why was recently released on Netflix. The show has caused some controversy because of its portrayals of mental health and graphic scenes. But it has also opened some eyes to how people act/react and started conversations about mental health. Whether you can’t/don’t watch the show for the sake of your mental health or you watch the show and learn about mental health, it’s okay. Whatever feelings you have regarding the show are valid.

What we hope we can all agree on, regardless of one’s opinion of the show, is the fact that suicide is never the answer—that there are always 13 reasons why not to die by suicide, which is why we decided to each share our own 13 reasons why not.


  1. Eating desserts, watching TV shows and movies, and singing along to Broadway cast recordings with my twin sister
  2. Days/nights when my family is all home
  3. The NBA championship I have yet to see the Chicago Bulls win
  4. Getting to watch Corey Cott on the big screen and experience my favorite Broadway musical again when Bandstand is in movie theaters
  5. Stories I have yet to write and share
  6. Squad reunions filled with great conversation and good food
  7. Conversations about basketball, writing, and life with my mentor/favorite teacher
  8. Great basketball games and players I have yet to watch
  9. Broadway musicals I haven’t seen
  10. The plethora of unread sports books on my shelves
  11. Trips back to New York for ube soft serve ice cream, the NBA Store, Broadway shows, and more
  12. The trip to the Philippines I still need to make
  13. The book I hope to write one day


  1. Spending time with my twin sister, even if it’s us doing nothing
  2. Going out to eat with my family and our big family get-togethers
  3. Reunions with friends
  4. Watching and obsessing over gymnastics
  5. My hope to meet my favorite gymnast, Sarah Finnegan, and watching her compete at LSU
  6. So many places left to travel to and explore
  7. Watching Hamilton in October
  8. Fangirling over Taron Egerton (who has two movies coming out this year that I can’t wait to see)
  9. Stacks of books to be read and reread
  10. My dream of meeting my favorite skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler, and watching him compete in person
  11. Countless stories and articles left to be told and written
  12. Simply looking at clothes, admiring them while shopping and styling them in my head
  13. Lots of years left to live, learn, and grow


  1. Early runs at McDonald Woods, taking in the beauty before anyone else is even awake
  2. Watching the sunset with my dad in the backyard
  3. Boat rides at my grandparents’ house
  4. Deep conversations with close friends
  5. Pizza and game nights with my family
  6. Cuddling in a cozy bed with hot chocolate on winter mornings
  7. Pancake breakfasts with my boyfriend
  8. Playing with my dogs
  9. Bonfires with s’mores surrounded with friends on a summer night
  10. Hiking and adventuring in new places
  11. Reading really great books
  12. Watching the Harry Potter movies with my sisters
  13. All my future hopes and dreams


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