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Twin Trio Takes: Dream Europe Destinations

This post was written in honor of May 9 being Europe Day.

None of us has ever been to Europe, but we’d all love to go there someday. So we thought it’d be fun to do a post about what we’d like to do/see in Europe, but we didn’t want to include all of the typical tourist things everyone wants to do. That said, we each came up with three places we want to see/go to in Europe that are unique to who we are individually.


The Theatre Cafe – London, England, UK: I came across The Theatre Cafe while on Instagram and was intrigued to see there’s a Broadway-themed cafe in London. I have learned that London is a prominent place for Broadway shows (fun fact: West End shows are Broadway shows in London), but I didn’t realize it was a big enough deal for there to be a Broadway-themed cafe there. So when I heard about it, I immediately Googled it and knew this was a place I had to go to.

The place is adorned with Broadway show posters and other Broadway-related memorabilia, and the menu has drinks named after Broadway shows/characters. You can even buy tickets to West End shows there! I’m not a coffee drinker, but there are pastries sold at the cafe, so I’d love to indulge in a treat while admiring the Broadway decor.

Real Madrid Baloncesto Game – Madrid, Spain: While Real Madrid is more commonly known for its football (soccer) club and its success, the Real Madrid basketball team is one of the best in not only Spain but in Europe as well. Many of its players have gone on to play for the NBA—like former Chicago Bull and current New Orleans Pelican Nikola Mirotic. Some players even go there after their NBA days—like Andres Nocioni, a personal favorite of mine—so it would be awesome to not only watch a non-American basketball game but one in which one of Europe’s best teams is involved.

Disneyland Paris – Paris, France: This one’s pretty simple. I won’t claim to be as big of a Disney fanatic as some people, but I won’t deny that I, at almost 23 years old, still love Disney. (Does one ever really outgrow one’s love for Disney? I’m not sure it’s possible!) I’m pretty sure I’ve actually come to love Disney more as I’ve grown up, so it’d be great to visit Disneyland Paris, see what it has to offer, and how it compares to Disneyland and Disney World. And surely Disneyland Paris has some great treats unique to its park that I’d love to try!


Gucci Museo/Gucci Garden – Florence, Italy: As a fashion lover, it’s no surprise I want to do fashion related things in Europe, so the Gucci museum is pretty self explanatory. The museum, also known as Gucci Garden, is actually a museum, shop, and restaurant. I’d love to just see the evolution of Gucci designs and all of the beautiful designer art on display. The boutique and restaurant are just a plus. What’s better than fashion, food, and shopping?

Huntsman Savile Row – Savile Row, London, England, UK: Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of my favorite movies, so it’d be awesome to see the real-life set of the Kingsman tailor shop, Huntsman. The Huntsman tailor shop actually inspired director Matthew Vaughn to write Kingsman. I have no use for a bespoke suit, but I’d at least want to take a picture outside the shop and go inside. I don’t know if it’d be weird to just go inside just to look at the actual shop and not actually shop for anything, but I’m sure others have probably done it? Maybe I’ll just have to go with my brother so it’s less awkward?

You can actually get a fitting done in the fitting room that’s featured in the movie, but like I said, I don’t see why I’d need a suit. But if they would let me go in the “Kingsman Fitting Room” just to see and pull on the coat hook to pretend I’m going down to enter the Kingsman headquarters, I want to do that and photograph it.

Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen, Denmark: I actually had never heard of this amusement park until I Googled things to do in Europe because, honestly, I want to do a lot of typical touristy things in Europe along with just walking around and exploring.

Tivoli Gardens is said to be the inspiration for Disneyland, which is really cool, so I’d enjoy seeing the place that basically caused Disneyland to exist because I love Disney and amusement parks. I like rides, so I’d want to go on some of those, but Tivoli Gardens also does musicals, ballets, and concerts, all of which I’m interested in. Going to an amusement park, going on rides, playing fun games, and watching a musical/ballet/concert sounds like a fantastic way to spend the day.


Bath, England, UK: As someone who was an English major, I am fascinated with literary history and love to learn the origin of famous authors and their work. Bath was the home of Jane Austen, one of my favorite British novelists who is most well known for Pride and Prejudice. I’d like to check out the Roman Baths and tour Jane Austen’s home.

The Globe Theatre – London, England, UK: I would love to see a play at the Globe Theatre. Seeing a play performed live and in person is such a unique experience. Aside from getting to enjoy William Shakespeare’s genius writing, it would be really cool to have such an immersive viewing experience. The theatre is known for engaging audience members in the performance. It might be cliche, but the top play I’d like to see would be Romeo and Juliet followed by The Tempest and Hamlet.

Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station – Kings Cross, England, UK: I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd, so this is a must-see for me! This iconic location was the inspiration behind the train station used in the Harry Potter series, and platform 9 ¾ the portal that transports people to Hogwarts. Other than getting a necessary photo op on the platform, I would really enjoy walking around and taking in the sights while imagining the world that J.K Rowling created around it.

Image via Dun.can on Flickr.


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