How The Twin Trio Came to Be

I wish we could just not be adults and hang out all the time and have no worries!

Half a year after graduating from college, we were already complaining about adulthood, and we hadn’t (and still haven’t) even reached fully-fledged adulthood yet. It didn’t help that we were one day from having to officially start paying off our student loans and that Carly’s first adult job wasn’t going well.

Carly texted Ashley about how it was exhausting to be a substitute teacher; she did not intend to use her English degree on kids who don’t listen and can’t behave―and she’d only been doing this for four days.

Meanwhile, Ashley was feeling down for various reasons, like playing the waiting game with potential employers after doing interviews and missing New York City after having spent the entire summer there for an internship. It also sucked that Ashley, Amanda, and Carly could no longer see one another on a regular basis: Carly was still in Champaign-Urbana, temporarily teaching as she sought a full-time position, and Ashley and Amanda had moved back home to the Chicago suburbs in hopes of finding jobs.

Ashley complained that adulthood sucked and just wanted to enjoy the company of her best friends all the time―just like it was before (minus the stress of school, of course).

Carly concurred, half-jokingly replying that we should “just start our own business.”

That way, we could be real adults but still have fun. And utilize all of our skills. Like we could combine mental health, basketball, gymnastics, writing, editing, photography, fashion, etc., and it would be awesome. There’s got to be a market out there for that, right? 😅

Ashley mentioned that she and Amanda once half-jokingly suggested they should start their own magazine, as it typically encompasses several subjects they enjoy: writing, photography, and design.


And Carly really was being serious in her response.

She started a Google Doc for brainstorming ideas for our nonexistent magazine that we were all more excited about than anything else we were trying to professionally pursue. The plan was to meet up around Thanksgiving to further discuss our magazine.

Except that never happened, and we don’t even know why despite the fact we have all met up every month since October.  

Four months after initially planning to meet up and discuss the magazine, one Friday night, Ashley randomly proposed a new idea. A much more feasible idea. And, most importantly, a significantly cheaper idea. (But we are still accepting donations to our student loan repayment funds. Contact us for Paypal information.)

What if, at least for now, we just start a blog?

Ashley had already been pondering upon the idea for days but, for some reason, hadn’t mentioned it to the rest of us.

Everyone was down for the idea, but Amanda suggested we come up with a name first, as it would set the tone for the remainder of blog brainstorming. Luckily, Ashley already had one: The Twin Trio.

Seeing as we are all twins, identical twin sisters and a fraternal twin who has a twin brother, the name was an obvious fit. (And the alliteration was nice, too!)

Instead of going to sleep that night, Ashley spent hours putting her creativity to good use, listing all of the ideas she came up with.

Come Monday, we already had a logo for our blog. Being the graphic designers of the trio, Ashley and Amanda came up with ideas to play around with for the logo. The next day, Ashley took to Photoshop and made those ideas a reality.

She lettered the words “the twin trio” in all lowercase letters and digitized them. Next, she created a triangle for the background, using the shape not just because of its three sides, but because, structurally, it’s the strongest shape, thus making it a metaphor for our friendship.

The colors of the triangle, too, were an obvious choice. As Illinois alumnae, orange and blue were no-brainers. But it goes beyond that. The blue base represents Carly while the two orange sides represent Ashley and Amanda and their identical twindom. The orange sides lean on each other, much like Ashley and Amanda have for their entire lives, but the addition of the blue base solidifies the structural foundation of the shape―much like how Carly is now there to support Ashley and Amanda.

Much like the sides that join to form a triangle, this blog acts as one way for us to stay connected, as we share our friendship and interests while fulfilling our love for creative writing.

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